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What We Do…

JAWS Fundraising provides proven fundraising programs to aggressively pursue and reach the financial goals of your team or group. We help you raise money so you can focus on coaching your team or leading your group.

What To Expect…

JAWS Fundraising provides unparalleled customer service and high quality products. Most of all, expect to meet your fundraising goals through one of our hassle-free programs.

Why We Do It…

JAWS Fundraising understands the hassle of raising money for your organization when you’d rather be preparing for the next season, game, or event. We’ve been in your position and we understand how difficult it can be. Your team or group deserves the best opportunity to win or succeed and we want to help.

aggressive fundraising solutions!

Better fundraising products create better fundraising results. At JAWS Fundraising, we understand that variety and quality help you make sales. That's why we have assembled a great lineup for you to choose from:

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